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telephone books are being left by the hundreds in my area , are they of any use for crafts? Answered

 i am thinking of using them to make a bathroom toilet squat platform. 
better for the body, 
i am sure paper m ache is also a good use/ seeing hundreds in the area , hate to see them just recycled after all that energy to make and deliver  them.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Depending on how many you get, I would make a chair out of them. Sure, it'll be heavy as all get out, but it will be a real conversation piece. All you would need to add would be cushions!


9 years ago

I use such books for a foot rest for kids in my class who are a little too short for the chairs we have for 5th graders. I stack 2 or 3 books together, depending on size, wrap them with duct tape, then make them available for the students who need or want them. They work very well and just have to be "reduct-taped" occasionally.


9 years ago

Bathroom toilet squat platform? Good idea. A good supply of emergency paper.