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tesla turbine question.? Answered

i was wondering, if i make a tesla turbine with big a** blades, then completely enclosed them, and finally covered the enclosure with heat sinking fins would i be able to develop a heat differential between the center and the outer?

and could i make it colder/hotter by allowing the air to turn in on itself at the bottom?

how much could i expect, a few degrees in Fahrenheit? or could this possibly get down to -120 degrees Celsius?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

The answer is yes, because any vortex involves a temperature differential. How much of a temp differential depends on the setup and speed of the vortex or turbine. 

The Tesla Turbine (U.S. Patent #1,061,206) is an expansion device and works with a temperature differential by nature. As the compressed gas or steam expands from the inlet nozzle, and moves through the discs and towards the centre exhaust outlet, it cools.

So, the centre exhaust on a Tesla Turbine will always be cooler than the outer inlet area.

When you say have the air turn in on itself, do you mean recirculate in a closed system? The problem is, if it is fully enclosed, how will the turbine develop enough pressure differential in order to turn the discs or make a vortex?

Conceivably, if a special nozzle system was employed, using the unique valvular conduit (US Patent #1329559) of Tesla, or some other one-way valve system, then your idea could work as a closed system.

The idea would be to heat up the gasses which creates pressure through a nozzle to the inside of the turbine. The gasses cool as they give off energy moving towards the centre outlet, and also because of the heat-sink. The cooled outlet gasses go through a check-valve, and are then re-heated again before going through the nozzle, in a closed circular system.

The Tesla Pump (US Patent #1061142), on the other hand, is a compression device, and it will heat the gasses as they enter the case through the center inlet. By using heat exchangers to cool the compressed outlet gasses and multiple pump stages, Tesla was able to liquify air!


9 years ago

Rick is right if you want heat differential.
What are you planning on doing, it sounds interesting.