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the best Internet browser Answered

did anyone know about the best Internet browser for windows, i was confused about: IE, Chorme, FireFox, Opera. Thank for all your help


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9 years ago

The best one is the one that works for you. Since you can install them all (including Safari and others), try them out. They all get you to the internet but depending on your favorite sites that you surf, they may act slower or may crash more often. Many sites or applications run preferably and are specific using IE and Firefox. There are plug-ins that may not work on that browser you may need. The user preference for how the buttons look or work; can you get to functions or favorites and bookmark easy. I have IE, Firefox and Chrome installed so I can jump between them all, instructables is a good example why you need all three. Ibles is supposed to be developed for Firefox, but when things get wonky, I switch to IE to make sure things are still working or stay in Chrome since I prefer a less messy interface. Firefox seems to load up slower now. Some banking apps and printing appear different under different browsers. Streaming video or youtube sometimes acts up at different points on the different browsers. Just try them out.