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the mobile version of the instructable website drives me crazy.... Answered

i love the instructables website and almost everything works just as it should be... but the mobile version of the site (at least the one for android, i don't know how the iphone version is) is not cool to navigate at all, there seem to be things missing at every end and since the last changes i don't even know how to open the non-mobile-version with my smart phone (a button at the bottom of the page that says "full site" could give you the impression that it would take you to the normal version of the website, but it doesn't....) anymore - before some changes were made at least that was possible.
i also have the instructables app, which is totally fine, it is a bit basic but since it is just an app i can live with that.
so one could argue that i could just wait a bit until i'm at home with my laptop to enjoy instructables and don't care about the mobile version, but every once in a while i really want to access the site from my smartphone and it keeps on being annoying.
so maybe if there would be a way to make the mobile website version better or the normal version easy accesible with a mobile phone it would make my very happy!



4 years ago

Just now tested in an android phone, "full site" works for me in my mobile. If it is not working for the first time, press "full site" again


4 years ago

My Android phone has a "menu" button that is not part of the main screen, and provides different options at different times.

In the browser, one of the options is "request desktop site".

(I, too, avoid the mobile site, and never use the app.)