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thermocole strength Answered

hey guys,could you tell me how i canĀ strengthen thermocole board(i mean make it strong enough to hold a a dictionary)?
dont suggest using another substance like wood or hard cardboard cuz where i stay these stuff ar waaaay off my budget.



6 years ago

Thermocole seems like what we call styrofoam sheet or similar stuff to make disposable plates or takeaway containers/cups. You should be able to laminate or glue together several layers to make a thicker more rigid sheet. The next step would be to add on struts/ribs/reinforcements where you see it would bend. You could make I-beams or box beams from strips cut out and glued to the bottom of your shelf. Just look at any open span bridge or under a highway/railway overpass and mimic the way metal is connected together. You could also skin a thick layer of thermocole with paper or fabric to give it strength. That is the way fiberglass boats and radio-control model airplane wings are built. Good luck.