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time travel? Answered

well i have a theory, but don't know if it's right. according to timedilation, time will go slower for you if you get closer to light speed. if you want to completely travel around the earth with light speed, it would only take 40.074000 : 299.792.458 seconds, which is 0,13367247550970745234691661255868 seconds. so you would experience it as 1.3 seconds. but because time for you goes very, very, very slow at that moment, the 1.3 seconds could be more then a million years! so, here it comes: if you travel so fast that 'your' time goes very slow, then the actual time would be more then if you traveled at normal speed. is that right, or am i completely wrong?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Well I know this has been answered but I think that one day it could be possible! 
-Already we know that Einstein's Theory of relativity (e=mc2) is correct and makes sense, until we show it the Big Bang or Black Holes
-If we use the theory, then TIME, MATTER, DENSITY and PROPORTION (size etc. = infinity. 
-If we can ever simulate  a black hole or the big bang, scientists can actually observe infinite time: Time with no limit!
-The theory is based (like ZMF said) all relative, only the are around which the black hole effects will be in that time zone
-But with infinite time, there is no set point: It is time without limit!

Therefore, perhaps time travel could one day be possible?


10 years ago

I just spin round and round till I get sick then it don't matter to me no mo.