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tiny addressable components Answered

Hello everyone,

I've got a question and am hoping someone can point me to the right places to figure this out.

I am an avid r/c tinkerer. A question I have though, is: Is it possible to take your standard r/c servo, and install something into it to make it addressable?

Why I want to do this is that I want to be able to control things from my handheld radio system beyond the 6/7 channel systems I have now, but not have to buy a radio system that will cost upwards of a thousand dollars to do more with it. I know, it will probably be easier to buy the uber-radio and just shell out the cash...I'd rather learn how to create something like this myself and learn some more electronic gadgeteering along the way :)

I don't even know if thats the right approach, so, if you have ideas on this I am all ears and would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for reading this and I am quite looking forward to hearing some ideas! :)




10 years ago

It would be pretty easy to add a small microcontroller to a servo and get an "addressable servo."  The harder part is getting a transmitter/receiver to send appropriate signals to these addressable servos.   Sending "control" signals over a voice-band amateur or professional radio gear is something the FCC tends to get upset about.


Reply 10 years ago

That's for sure.