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tips on buying a microscope, looking for aa good used deal. ecoli, parasitesl, arva eggs, Answered

i want to buy a compound microscope, i want to be able to check for ecoli and parasite eggs. i figure 2000 power may work, correct me if not. would really like to be able to monitor or take pics via pc, but may be out of  price range.  looking at $300 us tops ,unless a super good used deal for around $500 comes by. i never took biology ,well since high school, so am out of ouch of what i want.
ebay has new ones of a chinese brand, have to look up the name, but prefer used for better deal unless people know that the new ebay scopes A??? are a good deal. are scopes up-gradable , meaning, could i get a scope and add the camera attachment later?
thanks, pure noob here, i know i dony want clips, and i know certain lights = cheaper from my research.


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8 years ago

2000 magnification is well nigh impossible, the limit is about 1600x at the most and only in the highest end microscopes using oil immersion lenses.

A decent inexpensive binocular microscope is available from many places such as American Science and Surplus for about $300, it's limited to 1000x using oil and 400x without (the practical limit for optical microscopy w/o oil). It's a decent scope I looked at a few years ago. I'd suggest starting out with an inexpensive student microscope that sciplus sells for about $150, if you get bored, you're just out that money. Later on, add an oil immersion objective to increase your magnification.

BTW I have an Olympus student microscope from the 50's, more than adequate for an need I'll ever have.


8 years ago

e.coli is not identified by microscope - there are dozens of species, many harmless, and most looking externally just like any other bacterium.

Why do you specifically want to check for e.coli and parasite eggs? And what parasites?

What substances do you want to examine to find these organisms?

All of this influences the equipment suitable for your needs.