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tomato plants? Answered

I have planted my tomato plants outside in my garden. The low tempts have been 40-45ï20First few days were OK, now they are getting yellow leaves and looking bad. What is the cause for this and can I recover?



10 years ago

Cold weather in the 40s will temporarily stunt growth, but I don't think it causes yellow leaves. You might have a nutrient deficiency...I'll be optimistic and say it's not a disease. Try giving them a good dose (not an overdose) of all-purpose, water-soluble (instant feeding) fertilizer, such as Miracle Gro plant food. They should green up within a week or so with the added nutrients. If they don't green up a week after fertilizer application, or if they get worse, it could be another problem (possibly disease). So go ahead and start with a full-sized dose of all-purpose fertilizer and wait about a week and see if there's any difference. Also, the lower leaves eventually turn yellow and die anyway, so you can remove the bottom yellow leaves.


Answer 10 years ago

I just realized I'm about 2 months late in replying....so if your tomatoes didn't make it or if they're still yellow, try with new plants and add some fertilizer.