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tr-v1(br8) parts list? Answered

tr-v1(br8) parts list?yeh a parts list i dont have the time to count them out cus i wanna bulid it and who ever gets a parts list i will 5* all of there ibles and if you dontn have a ible i will do the same with the fourms



Best Answer 10 years ago

Connectors: White 20 Yellow 65 Green 4 Red 8 Light Gray 42 Orange 8 Rods: Black / Gray 3 Yellow 1 Blue 5 White 40 Green 41 Clips: Gray 10 Blue 4 Tan 1 odds and ends: Y connectors 3 ball joint 1 blue spacers 6 I did this the best I can. I may be off by one or two sorry if I am. Killer~SafeCracker