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transfering alot of files between other HDDs Answered

Hey, i have 2 HDDs in my computer one has the OS and alot of other files but the 2nd HDD also has files(about 56GBs) and i would like to switch to the newer one and it has more space i was going to rar all the files i could and put them on the smaller HDD then once i have the larger one with windows on it i would transfer them to the larger one but that would take a long time and i would have to re install everything is there any way around that?



8 years ago

Is this right:
You have to "scrub" the larger disk, in order to install Windows.
You have to shift the files to the smaller disk because there's nowhere else?
(if you do this, think about partitioning the disk into more than one logical-drive for future purposes)



9 years ago

Get a copy of Norton Ghost and use that to make an image of the system drive onto the new larger drive - you can then transfer your files. This is all easier and faster if you put all the drives in the same PC. take the opportunity to trash anything you don't use.


that would workif i had a new HDD but i dont but what i need is a way to transfer the os over to the larger HDD along with 56 some gbs of files(the smaller drive is only 40 gbs)