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transformer!! Answered

hey guys this is rush... i want to make a high voltage power supply made from a charger and a trans former
this is how i'm planing i will connect the output of the charger to the real output (where the plug is connected ) of the transformer and connecting the real input (where it originally lowers the voltage) meaning to say 
the output of the project is the real input of the transformer 

guys pls. help me as fast as you can 
- ~_~



5 years ago

It's sometime possible (although not usually a good idea) to connect a transformer backwards (I.E. make a step-down step-up), as they are simple inductive devices.

But you cannot do that with a DC power supply, which I'm assuming your charger is. Certainly not with a modern switching supply. And not with an old-school wall wart, either--the AC would destroy the filter caps, and the backwards-applied voltage would be converted to DC by the bridge before it reached the stepdown transformer. And transformers need AC to operate.


5 years ago

What!? None of that makes any since. What charger are you working with? What transformer do you have? What specs do you want for the final product? How many volts, and how much current are you looking to get out of it?