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trying to buy a Low Viscosity silicone oil any idea where i could find it i need about 10gallons please help. Answered

im buliding a submerged server and i want 2 use silicone oil but i cant find any so any ideas would be helpful thanks.




7 years ago


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10 years ago

Why silicone? Food-grade light mineral oil (transformer oil=0.11 W/m/K) would provide thermal conductivity comparable to silicone oil (polydimethylsiloxane=0.15 W/m/K) and might be easier to find at a reasonable price. You should be able to get it from a horse vet for about $12/gallon. (If you buy it from Ebay, the cost plus shipping is $23/gal)

You could also try a antifreeze made with glycol. (with 50% water=0.34 W/m/K). The kind with fluorescent dye would be impressive under black light. You might need to replace a cheaper antifreeze now and then, to prevent the water in it from picking up conductive metal ions.

Even pure glycol might be within your price range. ($19/gal with free shipping here)


Answer 10 years ago

The trick would be finding a type specifically marketed as non-conductive and keeping it that way.

While nowhere near as good as the mineral oil, both the glycol and pure (deionized) water are quite good insulators. However, water has the habit of picking up various ions; without a deionizing resin filter in the loop, this would quickly lead to conductivity and corrosion.

I would stick with mineral oil or a very thin motor oil if your experiment budget is low. A simple filter might be useful too. But if you have some time and money to play around with, I would be very interested to see if you could use a fluorocarbon refrigerant whose boiling point was higher than that of any components.

By the way, castor oil can be had for $23/gal with shipping.