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trying to fix RROD xbox 360 xenon, j tag, & finish a case mod fan assembly, , with multi 2 part questions, thanks Answered

ok , i have a RROD xbox 360 xenon, ive started the case mod , adding 2 fans one intake, & outtake  makeing a v from the cpu, & 2 smaller gpu style fans at the top,,  i also cut out a window over the drive baywith a cd drive cut out,   

ive seen the mod for soldering directly under the power input & am wondering if this Vpp will withstand 2X 12v fans, (2-3) leds & 2x small 1" fans, & a small 12v neon light string? , i can get the rest of the measurements if needed for the power equation & schematic diagram.

can i get a schematic of the Xbox 12v power  diagram?
question 2, could some one provide with a sucessful rrod repair link, removeing the x clamp & appalying spacers,
 i can thermal paste & work on electrical equipment, im 1/2% about the over heating part, & a few other posts have varied  

question 3:  ive seen 2 of the j tag mods here, & if  i fix RROD , i plan on doing so, can i request a link to a solid post on it,
with a schematic diagram if at all possible, i plan on using my bread board & making a plug for whats necessary as far as j tag connection on the side of the case, in case i need to "manually update" 

 can i solder a secondary sata port on board?   can i get a schematic of the Xbox power wiring diagram? 
 if not, can i use a standard sata hdd instead of the Xbox disk drive? to store "game/media" ?  
& if so can i use my xbox cd drive in my pc to "aquire" a copy of my purchashed roms & bulk store & transfer data via network or external hdd?

i will post pic of case mod soon with fan & wiring diagram , all other mods when completed,   

 sorry for the multi part question,    thank you for all the help