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trying to make a giant alice in wonderland caterpillar to sit on giant mushroom? Answered

trying to make a giant alice in wonderland caterpillar out of chicken wire or whatever. Need some ideas on how to make him look blue and with details on face and feet? What is the best thing to make him out of? is it better to spray with foam or paper mach, material or or suggestions ? I have the mushroom so just need the caterpillar. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you



4 years ago

All depends on where it will sit and how it will get to that location. Paper mach is the simplest and cheapest solution but may not travel well. But it can make a good base to build from. Many large scale props are made from chicken wire and have an outer layer of foam blocks which the designers can then carve the final shape from. Then the foam is overplayed with a plastic or epoxy coating to give the texture needed and a good base for painting. This video will give you some insight into making large scale props. Probably be a good idea to subscribe to the channel as they have all sorts of maker type videos. And with the Myth Busters backing it you can't go wrong.


4 years ago

A local mini golf course made a fantasy set of golf hole puzzles out of painted FerroCement http://harmoniouspalette.com/FerroCementFauxBois/F...

Some example pictures of this wire mesh impregnated material.

Little enough is known about your family skill set outside of a good vacuum cleaner.

So i cannot decide if this technique may be too dirty hard for your worm.

Also included some Burning Man photos of a worm.

FCpeter-in-fountain-gisborne.jpgFCwolf1.jpgFCpicnic_table01.jpgalice297.jpgAlice catapiler1.jpg