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ttl output (binary) barcode reader module Answered

Hello there;  I am working my final year project on library management system which needs to include a barcode reader hardware. As i am told by my advisor i can't use a barcode reader whose out put is the final ASCII value rather i have to get a binary (0 & 1s)output from my hardware, then convert that value using arduino or my C# asp.net code to generate the final result of the barcode for the book.   So, what is a looking for is, a ccd camera based barcode reader module whose output is ttl (or binary) i.e before it is decoded.  Any idea where i can find such a device, please   Any comment is welcome.  10x for your time.



2 years ago

Considered going basic?
A scanner module based on a swinging laser will give you a 1 for a reflected signal and a 0 for nothing - of course the logic can be inverted.
The scanner hardware needs to measure the distance between lines based on the swing speed and how long it takes for a single line to produce a signal.
That is the most basic hardware function used in older hand held scanners.
Modern ones do it with microprocessors and multiple beams by anylying the entire scan row at once.
Since it is a "school" project I doubt you will get much more help unless somehere here supports cheating ;)


2 years ago


Maybe looking at the datasheet/manual links might give a clue if you can get at just the raw data.

Just curious though, unless you are in some kind of hardware development or algorithms class it seems like you are just reinventing the driver/library for that device. Good luck.