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turning an internal laptop DVD drive into an external DVD drive? Answered

ok, so I have a laptop DVD combo drive from an old IBM laptop. I'm not familiar with the "plug" for laptop DVD drives. are they standardised like regular HDDs? eg ide/sata , etc. is there an adapter I can get to make an internal dvd drive into an external? I know you can get IDE to USB2 adapters for regular 3.5 and 2.5 ide HDDS and Regular DVD burners. years ago it seemed that DVD internal laptop drives were proprietry. has this changed? sorry, I'm not up with Laptop internal drives. sorry long question. my question again incase you have forgotten can I turn an internal laptop DVD drive into an external DVD drive?



Answer 3 years ago

I have a question i recently bought a new HP 2-in-1 laptop and it doesn't come with a DVD drive so I took the old one from my previous HP pavilion 2010 model and i bought a SATA i think 13 pin cord with a USB connection to try use it on my new laptop. When I plugged it in though it registered on this laptop but wouldn't open or run the CD/Movie/Programs i putt in it and would just end up freezing my laptop up. There is no other place to plug anything in on the drive only the 13 pin thing but would the link that you put up here work for what i have? Can I just remove the drive from what I have and put it into the Sanoxy case? or is there another plug I can buy that would work? or do I need to download some program? I just feel like there is a way to use the old drive without having to buy another one as my old one has a lightscribe laser in it and i really want to be able to use that again it is hard to find one that is external and cheap

Thanks again and I know this is really long but I hope you could help me or point me into the right direction I have tried Geek Squad at Best Buy and they had no idea what I was talking about


10 years ago

The IBM/Lenovo internal DVD (as opposed to disk) drives that I've used have indeed used proprietary connector designs. I know it was possible to plug these drives into "docking stations" for the IBM laptops; that might be one solution. Or Lenovo might have a USB-attached external case, which would be a smaller/cheaper solution. The question is going to be whether your "old" drive is still supported by currently available hardware.