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two stroke bike? Answered

would a two stroke engine power a bike at 200cc




Best Answer 10 years ago

Yes, but that is huge if "bike" means bicycle. It would vibrate badly, produce terrible emissions from the burnt oil, and if talking about putting it on a bicycle it would (if geared normally to get the most out of the engine) go too fast to be safe on a bicycle frame, wheel and brake strength perspective. In the US, many states also reclassify bicycles if the engine is over 49cc, meaning need for a motorcycle license, license plate, helmet, insurance, and other mandatory safety gear. Stick with 49cc or less for a bicycle or a 4 stroke for a motorcycle.


10 years ago

If your asking weather you could get a 2 stroke 200cc motorbike, yes you can, but they are VERY loud and annoying. if your asking if you can replace a 200cc engine with a 2 stroke, yes you can, anything is possible!