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uF difference interchange capacitor question Answered

Hello everyone!

I got a microwave, Sharp R21LCF with a bad capacitor. A friend of mine used to have the same Sharp microwave, but older model, R21JCA. When his R21JCA broken and could not be repaired; he took out the parts that still work and save them. So he has a spare capacitor.

I compare both capacitors and found his good capacitor has a 2400VAC with .94 uF comparing to my bad capacitor, which has 2300 VAC with 1.00 uF. I understand that you can replace the capacitor with a higher voltage rating, but not sure if .6 uF difference would be ok for replacement?

May i ask for your expertise opinion/input? Thank you very much for yr time!

attached are the two links for those capacitor I am asking about.

Bad capacitor from R21LCF

Good capacitor that we want to use from R21JCA


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

It shouldn’t be a problem they run with a tolerance should work if you are inside of 10%. The bad capacitor is built with a 3% tolerance that means the capacitor is between 1.02 and .97 uF and the good capacitor doesn’t say its tolerance it could be as high as 1.14 and as low as .76 uF.


Reply 7 years ago

very much appreciated for your input .. Josehf. Thank you !!!!