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uStreaming Tuesday night eTextile Hackerspace Meetings Answered

Starting tonight at 8:08PM I'll be hosting the global eTextile hackerspace meetings!

Log on to uStream to chat, ask questions and banter ideas with the innovators, trend setters and wide-eyed novices.  Meet your colleagues, see their spaces and share resources.  I'd say help build the 'community'  and find your 'tribe', but that's hippy talk and I'm a scientist at heart.

Do it tonight so you can say 'Back in the day when the very first episode aired on uStream we talked about....."
because even back then you were so in th eknow.

lbruning uStream channel

Tuesdays 8:08PM or 20:08 Denver time

Calendar of upcoming schedule of giveaways, guests and locations.

Tonight we will be starting at the beginning with eTextile paraphernalia you should have in your tool kit, work bench and sewing kit.
Watch the video so you'll be prepared to share your ideas tonight.

29 March I'll giveaway a 1 year membership to Instructables Pro!

5 April its Live from New York with Despina and Zack of Studio 5050

Log in - I'll be looking for you!


Lynne Bruning

8 years ago

If you have any advice or pro tips on uStream, live streaming and/or moderating chats - please hit me up. The 29th is fast approaching and improvements need to be implemented. Thanks!

NachoMahmaLynne Bruning

Reply 8 years ago

. My first tip would be to give ppl more notice. Announcing the day of the event just isn't going to work as well as at least a week's notice.


Reply 8 years ago

with reminders closer to the actual time/date of the event