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unstoppable energy Answered

hi there,

Is there any power source that never be stopped? 

Well, I am thinking of producing energy from the working principle of electromagnetic induction.
it can be a charger, so no worries for short battery life (or maybe replace battery).
I am lack of idea on how ti get it start. 

Seeking for advice. 





5 years ago

By definition, a power source replaces a battery.

Batteries are used as power sources; Primary cells are non-rechargeable and have to be replaced. Secondary cells are rechargeable in nature, but sometimes they have stringent parameters that have to be maintained in order to keep them rechargeable.
Regardless of the types of batteries you use, they still are viewed as a source of power.

As far as an unstoppable power source, I tend to agree with kiteman, everything, even the sun, will end eventually. The key is, at what point is that end relevant? The sun probably won't burn out for an extended period of time, so making high quality photovoltaic cells a power source on a device is a good way to guarentee power for long periods of time.
As long as it's enough power, it's all cool.


5 years ago

Every form of power generation save solar and peltier uses electromagnetic induction. Of those only wind power doesn't use some form of water to turn a turbine which is turn spins a magnet/large coil inside of a large coil/magnet. Even nuclear power heats water to steam to run the turbines. In a way the world runs on water power. We just use differnt means of moving that water.


5 years ago

"Is there any power source that never be stopped?"