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unsubscribing Answered

How do I unsubscribe when my year is up? Not that I will. Just want to know.



8 years ago

You don't have to, unless you really want to. If you've paid for a year of "pro" (paid) membership, then at the end of that year your account will simply revert to the regular unpaid account.

You'll still have access to everything on the site, but you will no longer be able to get PDF versions of the instructables, view "all steps on one page," or send patches to other members.

Bill on the hillkelseymh

Reply 8 years ago

Thanks for the help.

FYI : I had a one month subscription to Ancestry.com and they resubscribed for the following month because I hadn't unsubscribed.

Thanks again for the info. Bill on the hill -

kelseymhBill on the hill

Reply 8 years ago

You're welcome! Yeah, I've gotten bitten by that "opt-out or we'll charge you" scam on a couple of Websites myself :-( Happily, Instructables isn't set up that way.

Also, if you do have any questions about your account, payment, whatever, they have a direct e-mail address <service{at}instructables.com> if you don't feel like posting something public.

caarnteddBill on the hill

Reply 8 years ago

Look on your "you" page under the pro membership tab, and select on or off for auto renewal.


Reply 8 years ago

When I went pro I received an email stating that my membership would automatically be renewed when the time came. I replied to this saying that I thought it was a grab for cash type of thing, didn't appreciate it, etc. etc. The reply to that was an automatically generated letter from the robot asking if the generic answers it had given had helped with my complaint, and sort of saying that it was up to me to contact someone regarding the auto renewal.

I figured that although I didn't agree in principal and that I thought that Instructables was better than that, I knew I would renew anyway, so I let it slide. Now I see this topic and your reply, so I checked my "you" page under the pro membership tab and find that there is an option to set auto renewal on or off. I'm sure it wasn't there before.

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