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untreatable acne? Answered

im 14, which automatically means i have acne.... no bad acne, but still acne. i have tried almost everything and still have acne.... the only area i have it is under my eyes and my nose. does anyone know of a good home remedy or a brand that works best...



Best Answer 9 years ago

Have you seen a dermatologist?  They have many medications available.  I've been on many over-the-counter acne treatments, found I have an allergy to one family of them, finally gave in and saw the dermatologist who put me on Prascion cleanser and clindamycin antibiotic liquid.  I find the cleanser works most of the time, but during certain times (ie my period) I need the extra "support" by using the clindamycin.


9 years ago

 Baking soda! while in the shower mix 1 tbsp baking soda with 1 tbsp water and make a paste.  Rub acne with this while still in the shower (yes it stings but that means its working!).  rinse your face while still in the shower.  When you get out of the shower PAT dry you face, DON'T RUB!  you will probably want to put a lotion on your face because it will seam VERY dry.  Don't put loads of lotion on, just a little bit.

helped me within 48 hrs.  Repeat process until you have clear skin, if your acne is bad, it will take longer, also, try not to open your mouth while you rinse or your eyes, it will burn and taste bad!

Good luck!