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ups problem Answered

i found an mge ups system in a trash bin tried to make it work but failed epicaly. so i tried to find the manual online but ended up with nothing.
so if anyone has info(or tips) about the Pulsar Extreme 2200c, please please please tell me what you know .thank you :)
added some pics.



Best Answer 7 years ago

From what I am finding on the web site , or not finding, it looks like the company was bought out by APC which has since been bought out by yet a bigger company, Eaton. Eaton has the documents for this, manuals and such on their web site.


There are batteries for sale for it all over the place.

The duct tape makes me wonder if its worth trying to save. By that I mean that it appears to not have had the best treatment. The fact that they dumped it is not encouraging.
If you were hoping for a schematic or something more detailed than the manual I don't think that is available except maybe from the company. Chances are good they have dumped the product if there is no longer a need to support it for warranty. Often companies like this are bought up to get ride of them as competition rather than to market their product line.


Answer 7 years ago

well actualy when it was dumped it was in good shape, but some guys came, took it out of the dumpster, and hit it with a metal pole. did the same to the server you see in the last pic(yes it was in the same dumpster, no it doesn't work , because there ain't no os,no i cannot boot it from a cd or usb or floppy because the bios doesn't have the right settings and on top of that it is cached. if you know how to un-cache it, you would be soo cool if you told me)( i do have the original boot cd. lucky me they threw it away at the same time.)