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upsidedown tomato planting,how do I do this? Answered


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11 years ago

This is a quick sketch of a upside down tomato planter I made over the weekend (sorry about the bad sketch, I am planning to do a instructable for it). 1. Start with 2 empty 1.5 liter or 2 liter water bottles. 2. Cut the bottles in half, you only need to use the top half of the bottles for this (the left over bottom halves can be used as standard plant pots). Take the lid off one of the bottles. 3. Turn the lid-less half upside down and pass you tomato plant through the hole. Top up with soil and firm it with your hand. 4a. With the lidded half make 2 holes opposite each other about half way down the bottle. Loop a 1 meter long piece of string through the holes, making sure you leave enough slack so you can use this to hang your planter. 4b. Stuff this half of the bottle with damp old fabric. 5. Now using a good strong tape, tape the two halves of the bottles together, the fabric stuffed half on top and your plant stuffed half on the bottom. Then hang in a sunny position in your garden. The reason I put fabric in the top half is that it will hold water for longer, therfore you shouldn't have to water it as often. Leaving the top on the bottle stops any water evaporating . Hope this helps