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urgent| how to add another switch to an existing panel-connected speaker switch? Answered

Hi there !

The problem :

I bought a speaker from the Internet to use in some gift .
The plan was to get a speaker with a simple ON/OFF button, add the switch to the speaker extension, the speaker will be hidden but the switch added will be visible to the user .
Anyway - what I got is a speaker with an electrical panel and an ON \ OFF button that turns the speaker on after ~ 3 seconds of pressing and holding the button.
I do not have time to return or buy a new speaker so I wanted to know, if I added a simple ON \ OFF switch connecting the existing switch and the battery,
I'll turn on the speaker and from that moment I will control it through the switch I added , will that give me the ability to control the speaker using the  switch I added?

I'd be happy to know if it would work or not , and if not, tips on how to accomplish what I'm trying . Thank you !


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7 years ago

First of all you don't connect a speaker to a battery. So i'll assume your referring to a speaker amp combo. Now if the amp does have a bit of delay before fulling powering up you will want to keep that amp on. Adding a switch between the amp and the battery will still result in the same problem. Now you could add a switch between the speaker and the amp to allow you to prevent audio from reaching the speaker as needed.