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usb pic programmer Answered

Im looking for a schematic or instructible for a pic progrem with usb id rather make it myself though

if any one know wheres there one please let me know



Best Answer 8 years ago

you must be good on surface mount soldering components. because you must install the usb interface which will interact between the pc. but another really simple way is to use the paralell ports, no other chips required. with this method i programmed my chip for my coilgun charge controller and motion sensor for a second stage coil for more juice


8 years ago

There's an Instructable specifically for a USB PIC programmer HERE, (Open source - Looks pretty comprehensive.)
However, if you get hold a USB to serial converter you could also make use of any of the serial interface designs, such as THESE.
These are just the ones on Instructables.  There's many, many designs if you Google for them.