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usb xbox controller constantly disconnects Answered

Wasn't to sure where to ask this, maybe someone here can help me out. I cut off the end of a usb cord and the end of my Xbox controller cable and I've soldered the wires together. Under windows it will beep 2 times saying it's found it and has installed properly via XBCD. It will work for maybe 30 seconds then get disconnected, after this none of my usb plugs work, for example: my mouse will continue to work but if I unplug it then plug it back in it won't work till I reboot the computer. I've also tried this under Ubuntu. The only difference is it doesn't kill all my usb ports, I can unplug the controller then plug it back in for another 30 seconds or so. It sounds like it's using to much power for my laptop, so I bought a usb hub and had the same problem.


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9 years ago

dang, exact same thing happened to me. did you find a solutin?