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use 5V from stepdown from 12V power reciever FS-IA10B but it doesn't turn on Answered

Hi all, Please hlep if you know why I use my 5v (get from step down 12V battery), my reciever doesn't turn on.
But when I use a parkage of battery from my rc toy, it turn on
i have checked cable, conections all good. Not sure why it doesn't turn on
thank you



1 year ago

Have you a voltmeter ?

Can you measure the attach voltage when you use RC and when step down ?

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Maybe the load, this thing you call, "reciever FS-IA10B", wants more current than the stepdown module can comfortably supply.

Or maybe it is like DU35m suggests, the module is making noisy power, and your load does not like noisy power.


1 year ago

Maybe it is cheap module and produces a lot of unwanted harmonic waves?