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uses for a 40uf 450VAC capacitor? Answered

hey there
recently came inot posession of a largish sized cap, not very strong, but im sure ill find a use for it. Any suggestions?


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9 years ago

I don't have any suggestions for you, but I know what I would use it for...

That's a very typical size/voltage for tube amp power supplies (actually about as large as they ever got).

There's a maximum capacitance value for the first cap when used with a tube rectifier. If the first reservoir (filter) capacitor is too large, the life of the rectifier is compromised. It's rare that the second or third caps in the power supply would be any larger, although there's no technical reason not to--just cost issues.

I.E., HV Caps were proportionally more expensive 50 years ago than they are today, so they went small if possible...