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using a nintendo ds a external screen Answered


For an art / tech project I want to hook up a usb camera to a nintendo ds. I want to make a kind of floating third eye to gaze upon crowds to get like a bird eye perspective. I have a old usb camera , a laptop and nintendo ds to do this.

Can anyone help me to use the nintendo ds as an external screen to display what the usb camera sees.  Or to point me in the right direction, maybe to some information?

Many thanks



8 years ago

There used to be a camera you could plug into the cartridge socket of the old GBA.

Since the DS has the same socket at the bottom, why not try and get one of those cameras? You could hack a ribbon cable to make the connection longer.

They are a few dollars on ebay.com


8 years ago

1. LCD displays in any type are usually limited to the input they were designed for, usually proprietary from the manufacturer. LCD panels are useless without the appropriate drivers, supporting hardware, and interface to accept an incoming signal in the correct format.

2. That said, I don't think there is any external input that can be displayed on the Nintendo DS. Good luck in cracking open the DS to hack the display.

3. The same problem with your usb camera. Can you figure out what it outputs? Assuming you have drivers for your laptop, there must be some kind of webcam software to use. You can get the image from the camera to the laptop but it still doesn't solve your problem of getting it to your DS, if the thought was to make a stand-alone camera-ds viewer.

4. Get a DSi with built in camera. But then you have the problem of how to get the image out.

Maybe someone has done it, you will have to continue your search. Good luck.