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using cellphone lcd for computer mini screen? Answered

I am new to the whole programming stuff but I had an idea I have no idea on how to execute. Could you not make a computer chip to act as a transformer? Having one connector on one side for your normal PC screen connector and then sizing it down to a connector for a cell phone lcd? It seems to me it should work but as I said I am new so any info on why this may or may not work please let me know.




7 years ago

Okay, so can anyone explain what i need to look for in a lcd screen that would allow me to use it for a mini computer screen? I have a screen from an old cell phone and a screen from an oldish camcorder. I see a definite difference in them, but what is the difference compatibility wise?


7 years ago

Almost certainly no.

Not that it couldn't be done but from your own admission I guess the ability is beyond your (and mine) present skill level.


Answer 7 years ago

hey i didnt say i wanted to build it lol i know its beyond me. I was more hoping to give someone else the idea to build something i wanna play with lol


7 years ago

video conversion on the fly takes a huge amount of calculation.

Take an arduino for example, it can spit out thousands of calculations per second. To drive a full video lcd at computer-esque resolutions you're looking at MILLIONS of calculations per second, and you'd need the technical wherewithall to program, wire and install something like an FPGA (field programmable gate array).

I like to dabble in electronics and I would like to say I'm pretty knowledgeable as an amateur goes; I wouldn't dream of taking on a project of this complexity.