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using inverter reduces ampage is voltage is important or ampage is important for ac appliance? Answered

if input is 24v&10 amp and the out put is 240 v using inverter what might be the ampage and appliance like AC,washing machine can run with that voltage with out consedring ampage?




Best Answer 10 years ago

Both are important. Motors and so on won't run properly if you starve them of either volts or amps. Total power in watts is volts times amps, which is why increasing one with a transformer or inverter decreases the other proportionately (minus some loss due to inefficiency). So: 24V at 10A would mean you can get not more than 1A at 240V (or not more than 240V at 1A); probably a bit less. (If your going from DC to AC, that complicates the numbers, but this is close enough for estimation). So: How many amps, or watts, do those appliances need at their rated voltage? Depends on the unit. Find a copy of its advertising material, or user's manual, and that will (or should) tell you one or the other number; using the information above you can convert it if necessary and decide whether there's any chance your inverter can do what you want to do.


Answer 10 years ago

No, I don't think I can make you clear. Maybe if you made your question clearer I could help.


10 years ago

Ork has the right answer. If your appliance needs 240 volts, then it MUST get 240 volts. If it needs 5 amps at 240 volts (1200 watts) then 24v 10a (240 watts) isn't going to cut it. Some appliances like heaters will get hot proportionally to how much you put through them. As ork says, some things, like laptops, motors, or virtually anything else will poop the bed if you underpower them (wattage wise).


10 years ago

Washing machines can require a lot of power, check the specification on yours. You'd need at least 1Kw, which would require maybe 50A input at 24V. L