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uv led light? Answered

has anyone tried to use uv led,s in place of high priced uv tubes [high price and short life] to sterilize water if so how many and what power would be needed



9 years ago

the reason tubes are used is because the effective sterilizing wavelength of UV light has been difficult with LEDs. Shorter  wavelengths than the conventional 405nm UV LED are needed for sterilization

The most effective germicidal wavelength is around 265nm, known as UVC. UVA and UVB have longer wavelengths. 

a company called Crystal IS has developed a 265nm LED, but I cannot seem to find anything for consumer purchasing (though I didn't look to hard)

best bet for now, I would say is to check ebay for some cheap tubes ( and to keep the life expectancy of the bulb up, most people suggest turning the power on & off as little as possible (this is one of the more popular theories as to how Edison's lightbulb in Menlo Park has remained lit for around a century)