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vacuum tube television Answered

ive got an old working color vacuum tube tv, a Motorola quasar portable. im wondering if its worth any money or if i should just go ahead tear it open, and feast on its delicious inners it works fairly well with no discernible problems that i know of. i took a look inside and dident see any silicone. do people collect these or anything?



Best Answer 10 years ago

You're right there are a lot of very choice pieces inside. I doubt that there is much value as a collectors item. Best luck would be to sell it to an old "ham". The power transformer and some of the tubes might be of value to a ham since there are still a lot who build tube type equipment. Might also have some value in the tube audio tinkerers. Before you touch the inside of the tv please get good instructions on how to discharge the picture tube. It acts as a big capacitor and on a color set may be holding 40,000 volts. Even if its been off for a week. There is an easy way to do this but I'm not going to try to explain it here. There are lots of links available if you google it. Most of the capacitors are going to be on their last legs since they dry out. The resistors are probably going to be good and easy to get out. The picture tube has the electrical danger and also is under high vacuum and if broken can cause flying glass. Some of the tv sets had the tube amp seperate and that could be sold on ebay. Some of them that don't look like they would bring anything bring quite a price. Or the amp could be used for a separate project. There are lots of wire to salvage, speakers, coils and general stuff. The tubes aren't worth much. Used tubes unless rare are usually not even bid on on ebay. Good luck and have fun.

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Answer 10 years ago

dont worry im well versed in the art of harvesting crt's (i believe the tally is at 14 now) lots of ceramic caps, inductors, power resistors, actually a fair amount of silicone i found out, a hearty 10:1ish transformer, a tube transformer, a ballast, alot of nice potentiometers, a couple tubes, an ac flyback, a hv multiplier in short, alot of very nice goodies alot of new goodies too the tubes a pretty generic sweep tube a 6lf6 and might pull in 15 dollars but im going to try to make a small vttc with it thanks