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van/truck into camper? change metal containers?vertical, like double decker way? Answered

hi, anyone knows how to mod van/truck into camper? change metal containers-ShortOnes to camping trailers?in vertical, like double decker way. viva container city london...ps my first question ))



9 years ago

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking. Please rephrase that and add some details? Here's what I'm guessing your asking us to tell you how to make: 1. A camper/RV starting with either a truck or a van. 2. A travel-trailer or cabin out of a shipping container. 3. Stacked-shipping container homes similar to popular designer "recycling" projects. For #1, the easiest mod would be to buy a pre-built in-bed camper that fits your truck. They are not cheap, but if you are handy and lucky enough to live within a reasonable trip's distance of the factory... you could also buy an empty shell and fit it with your own cabinets, furniture and plumbing. You might also buy a used one and fix it up. Costs can sometimes be halved by buying an unfinished or damaged model. Building one from SCRATCH isn't that hard (plans can be found in old popular mechanics magazines) but those generally are frowned upon by insurance agencies and police. For #1 again, the next easiest mod is to start with an existing van. If you wish to use it strictly for sleeping, it's as simple as removing some seats and throwing a mattress in there. Most likely you'll want to cut out a section of the roof and add a fiberglass extension. Next you create a level floor, usually with 1/2" plywood cut to fit (in sections) topped with a thin laminate or vinyl flooring. Add a row of cupboards, a piece of countertop, a little plumbing, a small propane stove, and you've got yourself a camper. This type of camper really shouldn't have a bathroom, but some folks add them. A quick search here or on google will net you some more tips. About shipping containers: I don't really believe they're all they're hyped to be.