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very strange speaker amp problem? Answered

I have two 5v speaker amps. One i made myself and another I got from my cousins junk box. Anyways, when I connect the speaker it has a very very loud buzzing. The strange part is when I touch almost any terminal in the circuit with my finger the buzzing stops and it plays normally with very little buzzing. The amp I made I have followed the circuit schematic exactly and triple checked everything. I have tried grounding the parts too but that didnt work so I know its not a grounding issue. Another thing, while I was making the amp I tested it and it did the same thing but it started working when a 10k resistor popped out of its place and was sticking straight up in the air, it was originally connected to ground. please help.



3 years ago

show ckt schematic please

I suspect excessive feedback but regrettably your mind is closed to mine


Answer 3 years ago

UTC558 op amp chip. This isnt the first time Ive had this problem making amps.