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video projector won't work Answered

Hello, I have been trying to get a Sanyo Multiverse to work with a 20w chip LED. I may have tricked it's motherboard it into thinking it is powering a bulb. The projector stays on instead of turning off when the bulb was missing. I put the led chip where the bulb was, and turned on the LED on. I saw a yellow light. If I tilt the chip inside the light housing, it will change the colors projected. I could not get a change in color as I pressed buttons like menu or input. Is the lcd not getting a signal? The LCD wires are plugged in all the way.



Best Answer 5 years ago

AFAIK most video projectors have an identity attached to the bulb so you can only use their bulbs.

There are several Youtube episodes and web sites that detail how you may be able to get round this.

Other than that check if the LED has the appropriate power applied (multi meter)

may help you


Answer 5 years ago

You were right that I did not trick it, but I think it will be easier to trick it by putting a "dummy load" where the bulb was. I just need to to find out what the voltage and wattage of the bulb is. The projector knows the difference between 1 ohm and the resistance of the right bulb.