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video server anyone? Answered

I have an external hard drive with a bunch of movies on it and I'm looking for a way to be able to access and watch the movies from another computer.  I know that if I set up a server I would be able to access the movie files and download them to the other computer but is there a way to just watch them without having to download?  Thanks for the help. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you set up file sharing, you should be able to access with most computer programs through the network by just reading the file and streaming it live, presuming your bandwidth can keep up. See (presumably) setting up windows file sharing.

Another option is to use a Media Server. As of Windows Media Player 11 its already installed on windows computers -- you just need to authorize the content by adding your windows video folder to the options, and telling wmp to allow other computers to connect. I can't be more specific because searching for set up media server has millions of sets of instructions.

If wmp media server is no good, you can try a free option like TVersity media server. It has very similar features -- you run the server and the other side sees it. Do not ask me how to install it, as again, I don't care to explain it since its been done.