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view all steps now requires a membership? Answered

I'm pretty disappointed that a once free feature is now something I have to pay to use. The view all steps feature was very nice and made reading instructables easy. I'm pretty much a lot less likely to use the site now because it is such a pain to click through each step and I can't just skim through an instructable anymore.



8 years ago

I second the suggestion below, if you put together a decent ible, and get it featured, that then gives you a free 3 month pro membership, one can easily keep running on Pro.

I have funded myself with about a year extra from instructables, and I don't post them that often.


8 years ago

You know, a few dozens years ago, to get a knowledge like you would in this site you'd have to go to a library and probably spend a few hours researching.

But now, apparently 5 extra clicks are a monumental effort...

Anyway, don't quote me on this, but I think you could find a browser extension that could solve that problem, I recall seeing a Firefox extension that should do the job, but don't remember the name and I don't know if it would work in this case.


8 years ago

Sign of the times, been that way for about a year or more. Maybe you can win a PRO membership by entering the contests or getting an instructable featured.


Reply 8 years ago

Yeah, what with this un-natural, and un-American desire to feed and clothe their children, eat regular meals, pay bills etc. Everything should be free !