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vinyl record bowl Answered

this was realy a Bday present made in hurry but had a great succes:))
Just grab some of ur records u dont like anymore, put in a oven for 200degrees for a while,until its melting abit and form it however u like..


check this video



12 years ago

I love making these as gifts. If you go to auctions or garage sales, you can pick up tons of vinyl records for pennies, and then choose records whose titles/ artists are fitting to the person you are gifting. For example, I made one for my wife once that was the 70's Greatest Love Songs, and filled it with bath salts and such, then wrapped it in that clear plastic stuff. Very versatile gift.

fungus amungusFrenchCrawler

Reply 12 years ago

This idea has been around the block quite a few times because it's still appealing. As a forum post it's totally cool since we're heading into the consumer holiday freakout time. I have a variation of this that I need to finish. I made one most of the way and then lost it so I'll have to start over.