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want to add built-in bluetooth audio receiver to an active Speaker Answered

I like to add a bluetooth audio receiver to a Sonos Active speaker. I would like to build it inside the speaker so it looks nice too. I assume I have to get one of the Bluetooth Audio receiver boards like this http://www.dx.com/p/xs3868-bluetooth-v2-0-stereo-audio-module-green-385930#.VVPymNNViuc . I think I should be able to find a 5volt connection somewhere in the Sonos speaker to power this unit and then have to hook it up to the AUX connection in parallel to get the audio going. 

I was wondering if someone knows of a good bluetooth audio adapter that can pair multiple devices. 

Also any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. 




4 years ago

Do a google search and start looking at your options and see which one will work for you.

Here is a complete package option.