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want to add led "STRIP" lights(30 leds total) as running lights and then brighter for brake lights on motorcycle? Answered

Bought a set of 26" side illuminating red led strips and cut them down to two with 9 leds and two with 6 leds (not really important) as all will be wired into the same connections.
What i would like to do is have them all on as running lights and then come on even brighter once the brake switch/pedal is used.
I have seen some of the other posts concerning this but feel that they do not deal with strip lights, but individual leds.
Thanks for any help.


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7 years ago

The strips are probably designed to run on 12V. Run them on a regulator and say 10V normally, then switch out the regulator when the brakes are pressed and put them on 12V

DIYer fox
DIYer fox

Answer 7 years ago

not that knowledgeable with the details of regulators/switches,can you provide precise details of regulator #s and switches.
should prob add that lights are a two wire design and are 12v