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warranty for contest prizes Answered

hey, i have a question that has been in my mind for some time now: a lot of the contest prizes involve some kind of electronic devices, and if you would buy these in a store, you would get a 2 year or so warranty.
so i wondered: do the prizes have a warranty like that as well? it would be nice to know in case something stops working. and if there is a warranty, how could you claim it, since most of the time warranties need a reciept as proof of purchase. that won't work with the prizes obviously.
i would be glad if someone could answer my question,


If you need anything like a proof of purchase or a receipt for something you won, feel free to email service@instructables.com and we can send you a digital copy of the receipt :)


4 years ago

Most manufacturers include a Warranty Card in the packaging, which you are suppose to fill out and send in to validate your warranty. While its true, many want some proof of purchase, its usually just to determine a "start date" for the warranty period, but there is often a method to complete the card if the device was obtained as a Gift (or in this case, a prize).


Reply 4 years ago

ok, good to know. here in germany they almost always want to see a reciept.