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washing LED's? Answered

I want to weave a rag rug, and include LED's in the rug. Ideally, I would like to weave the wiring and LED's into the rug so that they are concealed in the rug- and not removable. But most people like rag rugs because they are machine washable. If I were to soak a LED wired rug in soapy water, rinse by hand and only use the machine to spin the excess water out, then line dry the rug, would the LED's still work, or does water destroy them and the connections? Thank you for sharing your expertise!


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

You probably want to take out the batteries, or disconnect your rug from its external power source before washing it.

A little water and agitation shouldn't hurt the LEDs. The actual light emitting elements are encased in plastic.  The LED's metal leads are copper coated with some kind of solder, typically a lead alloy.  Whatever it is, these metals are relatively noble, which is to say they will not rust easily. 

Your question brings to mind this 'ible:

And I'm guessing those stockings are washable, with the caveat to take the batteries out first.