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water tank cleaning Answered

i have a 14000 rainwater tank, and like to find a way go clean the debris from the bottom potentially recycling the disturbed water - so there is minium loss

i have a ready supply of compressed air near by.,.,.

can any one devise perhaps a venturi device that is easy to build, runs on compressed air and effectively vaccuums the muck from the bottom while recycling the caputred water....


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9 years ago

Take a length of down pipe (A) the hight of your tank ,use it for a overflow of your tank
Cut 4-6 small halfmoons at bottom of overflow pipe (A) about 1cm high and 2cm wide .
When tank overflow it will suck the debrish out first .You can catch the overflow in small pool and filter it for the water or use a sheet to catch debrish and pump water back .


You can attach pump to pipe (A) and suck debrish out of bottom of tank ,LIKE A VACUUM if you do not want to wait for overflow action .


10 years ago

you could get a pool vacuum, i think they pump the water back into whatever they're cleaning.