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we want to make a picnic table out of downed trees- anyone know how? Answered

We are making picnic tables for a nature trail and want to use natural resources- need to know how


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Best Answer 11 years ago

it all depends on the size of the trees that you want to use.

Small trees:
small trees are not suitable for this. also cutting young trees is frowned upon in the ecological world
The trees can be limbed and lashed together to form a deck, this could work as your table top. Smaller decks can be used as the two seating benches. The support structure underneath the decks will need to be very reinforced if using small diameter trees. Possibly combine 2-3 trees cut to length to form the legs.

Large trees:
Large trees is what they produce planks of wood from (which is what picnic tables are typically made from ). If you have a few larger trees they will need to be milled down into planks for you to use them.
This guy has some free plans

One large tree:
If you have one giant tree that's been fallen you can cut out a flat surface along one side forming a flat surface which will act as a tabletop. Then simply use large diameter cut logs as seats.
This is sort of what I'm talking about

I hope this helps.