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webcam from laptop turns on but doesnt communicate? Answered

im sorry for all of my questions.

i have a webcam from a acer travelmate 5530, and i can get it to power on, but no matter which way the two data lines are it doesnt tell the computer its there. will it power the led if the +5v or gnd lines are connected wrong?
its a usb webcam, but i cant get it to work, the same goes for the Orbicam i got from my old acer aspire 5670, except the led doesnt even turn on for it.

i have tried installing the drivers with no luck, the webcam still fails to be noticed by the computer, laptop or not.

can anyone give me any insight about this?


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9 years ago

The simple answer is it might be dead. Just because it turns on doesn't mean it works. The thing to do is test the unit with another computer so you can isolate the problem better.


Answer 9 years ago

i know the webcam works, because i had it plugged into my old aspire 5670's usb webcam connector and it was working, ive never done anything with it since i put it away in case the old webcam stopped working.