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weird tech help? Answered

i saw this weird thing, does anyone know what it is



Best Answer 8 years ago

I salvaged one of these assemblies this summer. Someone threw the TV out on the side of the road. Each lens pack had 2 plastic lenses and one glass lens.

Noticed some sort of oil in between two of the lenses. Maybe a fluid to tweak the optical index between the glass lens and the plastic lens it separated (?). Was messy taking apart. but seemed non-toxic.

Don;t know what to do with the good glass lens yet.  Probably make some sort of old fashioned spy-glass with some cardboard tubes and another lens.

Good luck with yours.
  • The projection parts might be good to keep, make your own lcd projector...
  • The cracked front screen is a Fresnel lens, if you have an intact one, you can melt coins on a hot day.

8 years ago

zombiefire asked below, "so do you know what its called?"

I don't know particular terminology. However, lens assembly for a CRT rear-projection, is close enough for searching. Hope that helps.

BTW- during my quick searching, stumbled across many DIY repair articles for tuning up the old rear projection TV's. Discussions with those authors should be instructional. The sites also have plenty of spec's, helpful for any project hacks!