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welcome to my new account!!! Answered

welcome to my new account!!! on this account there will be stuff that doesnt come under knex (if your looking for knex then go to slithien). im still doing knex but i normaly take breaks from it so i will be jumping around between the two accounts. this account will also have much more frequent posts because if i get bored of jokes i can do riddles or if i get bored of facts i can do somthing else. this channel will also have more contests but they wont be as big as my others. i will also star the impossible box who was created on my previous channel. thats all i have to say for this new account for now so im going to go post some of everything to start of this channel and then make o forum on my old account about this one. i will make a new profle picture for this account some time later. so of you go and explore a all new world of slithien!!!


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